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i think my heart just cried a little bit

which… would that be blood?

if it is, my heart is always crying like it’s the end of a goddamn romance movie

or, really, near the end, before the part where everything works out. like, my heart is at the part where the girl is on a plane and is going away forever, and i think someone probably died of cancer, or something

i don’t really know, i don’t watch romantic movies

but, anyway, this thing made my heart cry blood just a little bit more vigorously

like, damn, i would need a tissue


that’s a biology joke



the only acceptable pinecest is accidental pinecest

The majestic Dorm Troll awes and inspires by displaying its phenomenal mental capabilities, in the form of writing “Boners!” on my room’s whiteboard. Jesus fucking Christ, it can spell?!? I attempt to communicate with the beast.

Typed for bad handwriting: “Wow, really? OK, man, boners it is. Glad you’re entertained by writing “boners” on a door anonymously. I see your life going swimmingly with a mental capacity like that. Idiot.”

i had to replace my last bill earlier than expected, because some troll scum erased it. well, let me correct that statement: they half-erased it, then dropped the eraser and ran like a scared little bitch. i know this because i was inside my room and heard them do it. i sincerely hope that they fall down the stairs of a lighthouse and break both of their arms and legs. i know that all they did was erase my drawing, but it was obvious that they did so with the intent to cause me (whether they know who i am or not) emotional pain. that malicious intent is enough for them to deserve to have their nipples shredded by a cheese grater.

so, yeah. geometry.

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